Goat Milk Bath Bombs

Goat Milk Bath Bombs bring the fun to bath time! Soaking in the bath is a great way to relieve stress or sore muscles while getting clean, or to simply enjoy some quiet peaceful time in your busy day. But, if you’re looking to elevate your bath time experience, add Goat Milk Bath Bombs to your bath for a fabulous treat for you and for your skin!

What Are Goat Milk Bath Bombs?

Goat Milk Bath Bombs are a popular and delightful addition to your bath time. They help create an enjoyable, spa-like experience right in the comfort of your very own bathtub at home. A combination of moisturizing and aromatic ingredients, Goat Milk Bath Bombs are great for your skin and for your mood.

What Is a Bath Bomb?

A Bath Bomb is a colorful ball that contains citric acid and baking soda, which produce a light fizzing when the ball dissolves in your warm bath water. As it fizzes and dissolves, the colors will swirl through your water, and the aromatics will also release to create an aromatherapeutic bath. The fizzing sensation is fun and pleasing to your senses!

Why Use Goat Milk Bath Bombs?

Sure, Goat Milk Bath Bombs look and sound super fun, but they’re also great for your skin! We infuse them with only high-quality, all-natural ingredients and essential oils for a superior bath product that you can trust on your skin. There are no harsh chemicals in our bath products, and they will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and soft.

The moisturizing components of our Goat Milk Bath Bombs include Goat Milk from right here on our farm, Cocoa Butter, and Colloidal Oatmeal. It’s a triple dose of ultra-moisturization that is also abundant in skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals. Epsom salts are also in our Bath Bombs, making them a great way to relieve your tense, sore muscles after a hard workout or a long day.

Kids adore our Goat Milk Bath Bombs! Not only are they fun to look at and smell great, but they also make bath time a ton more fun. Your little ones will be eager for their nightly bath when it comes with a colorful, fizzy Bath Bomb.

How To Use Goat Milk Bath Bombs

Goat Milk Bath Bombs are easy to use! To use a Goat Milk Bath Bomb, you simply fill your tub with warm water and settle in. Then, drop in your Bath Bomb, kick back, and enjoy! One Bath Bomb is good for one bath.

Always All Natural Bath Bombs

There are no artificial fragrances in our Goat Milk Bath Bombs—only all-natural essential oils. There are also no artificial colors, so you won’t risk staining your (or somebody else’s!) bathtub when our Bath Bombs are used. Simply rinse the tub when you're done, and you’ll be all set. This also makes our bath products perfect travel buddies! They are easily packable in your bathroom supplies for a trip, so you can take the spa bath experience on the go with you. Goat Milk Bath Bombs also make fantastic gifts!