Made with fresh goat milk and all natural ingredients that will leave your skin moisturized and healthy. All of our Goat Milk Soap Bars contain 22% All Natural Goat Milk from our own herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Nourishing your skin starts with our Goat Milk Soaps, but the benefits don't end there. Goat Milk Lotions to Goat Milk Lip Balms, Liquid Goat Milk Hand Soap to Goat Milk Bath Bombs and Bubble Scoops and everything in between, we at Whitetail Lane Farm offer all the Goat Milk Skin care products you need.

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Galactic Skies - A masculine scent that is the perfect blend of citrus and wood notes.

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"I originally created this soap recipe to help soothe my dry cracked skin and it turned out that our goat milk soap has helped our entire family’s skin become more hydrated, soft, healthy. I didn't want plain soaps, so I created some fun, vibrant, and unique soaps that were not only good for my skin but were uplifting and made me smile. All of our soaps are made with milk from our own herd of Nigerian dwarf goats." Jamie, Owner and Head Soap Maker

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