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How to use our Goat Milk Bubble Scoops.

How to use our Goat Milk Bubble Scoops.

How we use our Goat Milk Bubble Scoops!

Almost daily we get the question "how do you use your Goat Milk Bubble Scoops?"

Let's walk you through how to use it! 

Step 1 - Add Bubble Scoops

As your tub fills with water, crumble your bubble scoop under warm running water......We are using the Tropical Breeze one here. 

How to use goat milk bubble scoops

Or you can crumble them, place them in a strainer and place them under warm running water.

Step 2 - Agitate Bath Water

Agitate the water for even fluffier bubbles.....

woman adding goat milk soap bubble scoops to bath

Step 3 - Enjoy

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

We love creating these adorable and fun bath treats and enjoying using them (I never turn down an opportunity to product test these!) These amazing scented bubble scoops will add luxury to your bath water. They are great for single use or you can break them up for multiple uses. We have found that deeper, larger tubs will require the entire scoop whereas smaller tubs will only need 1/3 to 1/2 of a scoop. 

What can be better than soaking yourself in our bubble scoops that are filled with cocoa butter and vegetable glycerin that produce soft and silky, fluffy bubbles. Available in multiple scents. Rainbow Sherbet is our favorite! 


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