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How to Use Goat Milk Soap as Shampoo

How to Use Goat Milk Soap as Shampoo

Did you know that Goat Milk Soaps can also be used to wash your hair as well as your skin? Washing your hair with Goat Milk Soap gives the skin on your scalp the same incredible benefits as washing the rest of your body’s skin with Goat Milk Soap. Say goodbye to dry, itchy scalp and say hello to shiny, healthy hair!

All Natural Goat Milk Shampoo

Goat Milk Soap is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional shampoos that is 100% biodegradable and uses only all-natural ingredients—so you know exactly what you're putting into your body. When you use Goat Milk Soap for hair washing, you’re also making a better choice for the environment and your body!

Why Use Goat  Milk Soap To Wash Your Hair?

Goat Milk Soap is the best choice for relieving dry, itchy, flaky skin, as well as eczema and psoriasis (both of which commonly affect the scalp). You can get the same relief for your scalp that you can for your hands and other parts of your body when you wash your hair with Goat Milk Soap. 

Using Goat Milk Soap to wash your hair and scalp, preserves the scalp’s natural PH balance. This helps maintain a healthy balance of oil production on your scalp, whereas store-bought shampoos strip these away. This causes your scalp to rebound by overproducing oils, leading to dandruff and greasy-looking hair that has to be washed more often. 

Step #1: Choosing Your Soap

This is the fun part! You may want to experiment with a few different kinds of Goat Milk Soap (liquids, bars, scented, unscented) for hair washing. If you do, make sure and give each selection a couple of weeks’ use to allow your scalp to adjust and to note the differences. 

If you have known sensitivities to essential oils and botanicals, or if you’re choosing a soap for your newborn or young children, you might consider starting with Goat Milk Soap Unscented Bars or Goat mIlk Soap Unscented Liquid. Our unscented soaps are also a great choice if you are trying to relieve skin conditions on your scalp.

Step #2: Brush Your Hair Before Washing

Brushing dry hair before washing will loosen and lift away dandruff flakes, buildup of oils and hair products, and dead skin cells. This primes your hair and scalp for washing so that you can get the best cleansing results.

Step #3: Pre-Rinse Your Hair

Rinse your scalp and hair with warm (not hot!) water. Hot water might feel great in the depths of winter, but it is incredibly drying to your skin and hair.

If you have long hair, there may be a brief transition period while your scalp adjusts to producing a lower amount of sebum when you wash it with Goat Milk Soap. Your scalp will have been used to overproducing sebum to counteract the effects of using store-bought shampoos. Allow some time for this transition to occur, and continue to wash your hair at the same intervals you would normally. 

Step #4: Wash - And Massage That Scalp!

Using your Goat Milk Soap’s naturally thick and creamy lather, dig deep into the roots to massage the lather into your scalp and let the suds run down through the ends of your hair. If using Goat Milk Soap in a bar, you can even massage the bar itself onto your scalp. 

The focus here is really on cleansing the scalp as well as possible. Washing skin on your scalp is really what “hair” washing is all about—no matter what product you use to wash it with. The goal is to clean away the buildup of products and oils and to promote a healthy skin on your scalp with the benefits of fresh Goat Milk Soap!

Step #5: Rinse Again

Rinse again with warm or cool water. Remove all of the suds and detangle hair along the way by gently running your fingers through it.

Step #6: Conditioning

Goat Milk Soap is naturally moisturizing so you might find that you don’t need conditioner at all! But if you’re looking for more conditioning alternatives, you have a few options. Some people do an occasional apple cider vinegar rinse. Some use a little bit of coconut oil rubbed gently into the ends of the hair after washing (it smells amazing!). And some people like to use a dab of Goat Milk Lotion Unscented to condition the ends of their hair, or as a leave-in conditioning treatment. Using the lotion is particularly popular with curly-haired types!

It’s always a good idea, no matter what you use to cleanse and condition your hair, to avoid brushing immediately after washing. Hair is more fragile when wet, so letting it dry a bit before brushing is a good idea!

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