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The next generation of Milk Producers of Whitetail Lane Farm Goat Milk Soap.

The next generation of Milk Producers of Whitetail Lane Farm Goat Milk Soap.

Our new Nigerian Dwarf Goat kids now have names!! On our farm we only name the kids if we are keeping them and these 3 girls are staying with us and we (especially our human kids) couldn't be more exited! They were born on Saturday May 23rd and are growing bigger and stronger everyday. They have just began to explore outside of their pen under the strict supervision of Annie. Their favorite thing is to jump up and off this little piece of pallet. Hopefully tomorrow we can get some video of these guys, they are just too darn cute not to!

Meet Livi, Avi and Calli!


A little info about these cuties:

Their breed: They are purebred unregistered Nigerian Dwarf Goats, which is a miniature dairy goat breed known for their easy maintenance and small stature. Their milk is much higher in butterfat and protein then most other dairy goat breeds, which is why we choose them to produce the milk for our Goat Milk Soaps

Their gender: They are does, which is the term for female goats. 

What they eat: The kids will have 24 hour access to Annie to nurse as needed for the first 3 weeks. They will begin to eat hay after only a few days old, mimicking their mom. Once they reach the 3 week old stage the kids are allowed to nurse during the day and will be put in a separate pen at night with plenty of bedding, water and grain. This allows us to begin milking Annie so we can use her wonderful milk in all of our soaps. 


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