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Goat Milk Soap Recipe

Goat Milk Soap Recipe


goat milk soap recipe

Ever since I have been making soap, I get the question all the time of "can I have your soap recipe?" Now, asking a soaper for their soap recipe is like asking if you can have my first born child - not going to happen! Soapers spend years developing and testing their one of a kind soap recipe and it is priceless to them. But, I will give out a simple soap recipe that I started with so you too can give it a try, It is from the Soap Queen. Most of these ingredients can be purchased at your local grocery store.

Simple Soap Recipe 

16 ounce Coconut Oil 

16 Ounce Palm Oil

16 Ounce Olive Oil

2 Ounce Castor Oil

18 ounces of frozen Goat Milk

7.4 Ounces Lye


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