Felted Goat Milk Soap

Felted Goat Milk Soap 

It's soap and a wash cloth in one!! Our felted soaps are made by hot processing soap, so each soap has a unique scent. You will receive the  soap as shown in the picture.

The wool around the soap provides some really nice, mild exfoliating properties. Felted soaps, in addition to the exfoliating, usually provide more lather than if you used a soap alone.

To use, run the bar under water until the soap lathers up through the wool, then use it to clean and exfoliate your skin. Wool is naturally anti-microbial, which helps your soap stay fresh and fragrant. The wool will shrink as the soap
diminishes. To get the most out of your felted soap, keep it out of standing water between uses. The bar should be stored on an elevated soap deck or in a soap dish that allows water to drain away from soap. If the bar cannot drain water, soap inside the wool will get mushy and the bar will not last as long as a bar that is allowed to drain properly and dry between uses.

As you use your felted soap, the felt around the soap shrinks. When the soap is gone, you can use the remaining, decorative wool pad as a scrubber or wash cloth.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Goats Milk, Sodium hydroxide, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Fragrance, Colloidal Oatmeal, Colorant, Wool Roving

Bars weigh between 4.5 and 5 ounces, sometimes more.

Because our soaps are handcrafted and cut by hand weights and shape may vary with each bar.

Each bar may have a different scent, felted soaps are made up of 'composted' soap pieces. We save bits and pieces of soap throughout the month that are left over from when we cut bars and melt them down to their own loaf. 

** you will receive the soap that is in the picture!

Type: Felted

Vendor: Whitetail Lane Farm

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