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We offer our goat milk soaps at wholesale prices to brick and mortar store that wish to resell our great products. We have low minimums, fantastic products for the whole family, fast shipping, and excellent service. 

If you would like the details on our wholesale program please send us an email  and include the following information:
Business Name
Sales or EIN number
Whitetail Lane Farm Goat Milk Soap products can not be sold online or at craft shows. We would consider doing private label, send us a email to discuss. 
Our Point of Sale Display (POS)
Point of sale display whitetail lane farm goat milk soap
Terms and Conditions of our Wholesale Program

Minimum Order:  Our minimum opening wholesale order is $125, a reorder of a minimum of $50, plus shipping, with no fewer than 6 bars of any given type.

Lead-time: Wholesale orders will be shipped within three business days provided your desired products are in stock.  If on the rare  occurrence your item is out of stock there will be a 4 - 6 week delay (to allow soaps to be made and fully cured,) in which you would be notified                       immediately.

Shipping: We currently use USPS for our shipping needs. We pay for postage online and do not charge a handling fee. All excess shipping charges that exceed $1.00 will be refunded to you.

Payment: We accept Check, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or a money order.  You will not be charged anything more than the price for the item and the shipping charge. We have no hidden fees. If ordering online payment is required at the time order is placed. If by phone or email than payment is NET 15. 

Can you do custom orders? We would be happy to tailor our     formula to your own specific requests and needs. In return for our personal attention you will receive an entire batch of soap,     equaling 16 bars totaling 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 pounds of soap! There is a lead time of approximately 4-6 weeks that includes the cure time required for handcrafted soaps and any purchases I would need to make for your request.  To discuss a personalized batch of soap, give us a call!


Are you interested in offering our products as part of your own brand? We're happy to do private label! Give us a call, we'd love to discuss this with you!


All our soaps are handmade in small batches, therefore there are no 2 soaps alike. Colors and patterns may vary.


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