Soap of the Month Club - 12 month Subscription

$ 144.00 $ 144.00

Each month for 12 months you will be sent 1 bar of soap. Price includes shipping
Do you love surprises and LOVE our soaps? We do too, and that is why we created a soap of the month club just for you, delivered right to your mailbox each month. 
We will send you 1 (one) bar of soap every month for 6 months either one from our current line of soaps or a special edition soap made just for the soap of the month club. 
Once you sign up you will receive your Soap of the Month each month for 6 MONTHS.
Each Month your card will be automatically charged the $7.00 plus shipping. 
We will send seasonal soaps that are great for the whole family. 
While supplies last, you get a FREE SOAP DISH when you sign up, so your soaps will stay nice and dry between uses.